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When it comes to vehicle maintenance, changing your oil ensures your engine and its various parts are running at peak performance, which extends the life of your Toyota. As time goes on, your engine is bound to experience wear and tear from various internal engine parts that mix with your car’s oil. Regular oil changes removes this build-up and ensures your engine is properly lubricated with clean, quality oil.

Having your oil changed regularly also results in better fuel efficiency. When lubrication is improved, the new oil reduces friction that can potentially slow down your engine. This results in your engine running easier and smoother, which means you stop at the fuel pump much less. Treating your Toyota’s engine to synthetic oil can help improve your fuel economy by half a mile per gallon, which can add up over time.

Bringing in your Toyota vehicle to get its oil checked can also lower harmful emissions that can come from old and dirty engine oil. When your engine is running on clean oil, it will release less exhaust. If your Toyota vehicle is on the older side, it can sometime burn old and dirty oil, resulting in an additional harmful engine emissions. Fresh oil is less likely to burn, and is will better absorb particles, making your vehicle pollute much less.

In addition to the sticker on your windshield, your vehicle could be giving you signs you are in need of an oil change. Seeing oil stains in your garage or on your driveway are good indicators you could have an oil leak. If you ignore this problem, a small leakage of oil can create a much larger problem, and could even damage your engine. Another sign it’s time to bring in your Toyota vehicle for an oil change is if the low oil pressure light comes on when you start your engine. You need the right amount of oil pressure in you engine for it to remain lubricated and running to its fullest potential.

If you are looking to extend the life of your engine so your Toyota vehicle can last longer on the road, getting your oil changed regularly is a great start. Visit your Toyota dealer so a Toyota expert can make sure your engine is properly lubricated and clean.

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